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The Power of the Survey

Posted: August 17, 2018 at 9:05 am


When you own a nonprofit, you work tirelessly to ensure everything is running smoothly, from operations to communications and everything in between. You gladly take suggestions for improvement and you learn to adapt to the changing times. But what happens when the suggestions aren’t flowing in as often, or your company seems to be at a standstill? You know there is always room for improvement and you should never stop striving to be better. What can you do to address the silence?

One opportunity your organization should be taking advantage of is offering entrance and exit surveys to all board members in order to understand who is on your board and why, as well as how your nonprofit is doing with developing and nurturing relationships. The following outlines the benefits found in each kind of survey and just how powerful survey results can be for your organization.

Entrance Surveys

When welcoming new members to your board, entrance surveys can play a huge role in the onboarding process. Not only are you able to learn helpful facts about your new leaders, but you can also discover their expectations in the role and in the organization as a whole. You can assist your organization improve through entrance surveys, as the efficiency in your current operations and the strategy in your communications and marketing plans are revealed by determining how new members are comprehending what their roles entail as well as the mission and vision behind your organization. Even still, entrance surveys open up the floor to new ideas and suggestions on how to improve fundraising efforts, how to better reach your target audience and other vital factors in the nonprofit sector. Gaining the perspective of your new board members will also build a stronger sense of engagement and responsibility, as they become an essential tool to the future success of the organization.

Exit Surveys

While entrance surveys offer new perspectives on your organization from people that may not know your organization’s key values yet, exit surveys offer a unique opportunity to gain an insider’s perspective on the effectiveness of your organization – what is going well and what is not. Especially because these surveys are handed out when members are leaving your board, people are more likely to be open and honest about their experiences as a board member. Areas for improvement will open up the most during these survey responses, which will only allow organizations to learn and grow even more. Understanding where your board members stand once their terms are up or if they choose to leave for another reason is essential to discern the atmosphere your organization offers and the management skills key leaders in your nonprofit possess.

The power of surveying your board members cannot be overstated when it comes to understanding how your organization is perceived and what areas need to be improved upon. If you would like more information on how to create effective surveys that will offer the most insightful information for your nonprofit, contact us.

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