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Put Your Best Foot Forward with SEO

Posted: October 10, 2017 at 4:33 pm

Having the press attend fundraisers and events is a great way for nonprofits to gain visibility, credibility and over the long-term, results (whether that be more donations or awareness for your organization). That being said, nonprofit organizations must be able to attract the media upon sharing the details of their company and any upcoming events, sharing the importance of their attendance and the impact the event will have in the community.

Put your best foot forward with these SEO tips in press release writing:

Short, Sweet and to the Point

Especially headlines, press releases need to offer the most important facts of the event or news being shared. Journalists don’t have a lot of time to read details and fluff, so get to the point and provide accurate contact info in case someone wants more information.

SEO Opportunities

Headlines should be strong, only containing imperative keywords that Google will like for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes. Instead of a headline such as, “XYZ Company is Set to Have ABC Fundraiser on November 20 to Help the Homeless,” consider one shorter and more powerful. For example, “XYZ Company’s ABC Fundraiser November 20 Helps Homeless.”

Content is King

Generally in storytelling, the most important fact, the climax and/or the punch line is told last. Hype is built first and then the reason for the story is last. In press releases, though, this mindset needs to be reversed. Place the important facts at the very top, with essential keywords the media will need to know. This way, you can capture your audience faster, and journalists can know right from the start if they are interested in writing about your event/news.

Link Content Matters

When you anchor text with a link in your press release, the content needs to have relevant keywords to where the link will take you. Instead of linking, “Click here,” try something similar to, “Click here to see the ABC Fundraiser schedule.” This will help to rank your page links for relevant content.

Relevant Photos Only

As tempting as it might be to always include a photo in your press releases to attract the eye, only relevant photos should be included, such as a headshot of a new executive employee or the logo of an event. When photos are added, be sure to title the photo with keywords that will continue to strengthen your press release SEO opportunities.

Raising Help offers the strategy you need to put your best foot forward in front of the media, providing more visibility, credibility and results for your nonprofit organization.

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