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A Part of Your Story

Posted: September 25, 2018 at 10:03 am

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Every nonprofit organization has a purpose, a desire to make a difference and a story to tell. In order to help others see the impact you’re making in the community and to help them see why they should want to support your organization, you have to share your story and make them a part of it. Here’s how.


Get PersonalGet personal.

Let your staff and the people you are impacting share their personal testimonies with and through the organization. People will make much stronger connections to your nonprofit if you put faces to it and show others that change is happening from your efforts and from their support.


NumbersShow them the numbers.

How many people have been impacted by your organization? How much money has been raised through your nonprofit to support the community? How did each donor’s gift make a difference for your organization and the causes you support? By showcasing these numbers, your organization has the chance to show your donors that their efforts and gifts are making real life change happen.


OpportunitiesOffer opportunities.

Supporters and donors aren’t always going to reach out to you and ask how they can help. Instead, you should offer them opportunities and create strong calls to action in your marketing efforts so they understand how they can give and why they should give.


Share the LoveShare the love.

Your job has only just begun once you receive gifts. Now, it’s time to build relationships with them and help them truly become a part of your story. Reach out to your donors, thanking them for their support. Ask them why they chose your nonprofit, what personal connections they may have to your cause and in what ways you can help them feel more connected to your nonprofit.


Get SocialGet social.

With each new donor is a chance to gain an advocate for your nonprofit. Get social with them on your social media platforms. Give them a shout out on your channels, and ask them to share your content. The more shares and engaged followers you receive, the more reach you will obtain and the more opportunities you will gain to share your story and invite the community in to be a part of it.

Need a content/marketing strategy to move forward? Our team at Raising Help would love to come alongside your team and support your efforts! After all, we strive to help do-gooders do more.

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